Tips for How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Are you looking for tips on how to lose weight the healthy way? Well, I’ve done just that. You’ll have to find out how, and how much I lost in 33 days by reading all the way to the bottom of this post! 


I can’t remember a time when I’ve been this determined to lose weight and transform my lifestyle into a healthy one. I think back to the numerous times I’ve tried losing weight, and after losing count I’ve decided it’s more than Oprah. But why am I so driven this time? What makes this time any different then all the times before?


Well, a few things:



Prayer. This time I am starting my day by asking God to help me make healthy choices.


Over the past year or so have I started my day with prayer. (Before that, I was having my prayer at night or only praying when I wanted something.) I have formed a trusting relationship with God, I know that when I ask him for help He hears me. I need help losing weight, I can’t do what feels like an impossible feat by myself. So I’ve been praying about it. God has directed me – He’s sent the support and the encouragement I need to see this through.


For example, I have been very discouraged over the past couple of weeks because I injured my knee. (I injured it earlier in the month, it was starting to feel better, and now it’s very painful again!) That means I can only lose weight by lifting weights and eating less.


I’m sure you’ve been in a gym. It’s intimating when you don’t know what you are doing.


I started by sitting on the sidelines using the few machines I knew how to use. Each day I just tiptoed around the edge of the gym, wishing that I could just get back on the elliptical because that’s what I know. Meanwhile, fighting the urge to just give up because it has become clear to me that getting healthy is hazardous to my health!


I started watching other people to see what they were doing. It helped, but not as much as I thought it would. I did learn a few things, but nothing that will transform me. Then I saw Carrie, who was previously a bodybuilder and someone who I’ve come to know and look forward to seeing at the gym. She makes me feel comfortable and confident in what I am doing. I got the courage to interrupt her workout and she so happily and kindly offered me all sorts of advice and tips! I showed her what part of my body I wanted to work on and she told me exactly what to do! She even gave me a weight lifting schedule to follow.


I consider Carrie to be an answer to my prayer!



This time I am publicly losing weight.


I loooooooove blogging! I want to blog all day every day. It is my goal to turn this blog into a paying gig that gets me out of my stuffy office and onto my deck for an office! Yes, it’s possible, all thanks to my readers! Thank YOU for your support! My husband told me it’s my calling. Something about I like to talk and type. HA!


Blogging about my weight loss holds me accountable. I want to give you the steps I took to lose weight. Not everything I do will work for you, but at least it will give you different ideas and a place to start! And most of all, support.



I feel good. And I want to keep feeling good.


I’ve had a rough week at work this week. Just when I think it can’t get worse, it does. But every day is a new day and each morning is a new prayer said to God asking Him to work all things together for good. I know that no matter what I experience He’s with me and eventually His plan for me will unfold.


In the midst of my bad week, I was reminded that God puts people in our lives to lift us up when we are feeling down. Such as my friend, Lynn, who encouraged me with this sweet gift.




That is exactly what I am doing – I looooove blogging! Thank you for letting me into your lives, it’s an honor to be able to offer you my weight loss journey to hopefully inspire yours!


So, even though I’ve had a rough week, I still feel good. I feel physically strong, because I am eating less sugar and less processed food. I have mental clarity, because ‘I need to lose weight’ is not constantly on my mind. I can think quicker, because I am sleeping better and I feel rested. I am not slow and sluggish, because I am eating less. And the looming amount of weight I have to lose is less than it was at the beginning of the month!


I feel great!



I am taking care of myself in more ways then just losing weight.

For once I am actually putting effort into self care. I’ve always felt like I at least put a little effort into looking presentable. However, I’ll never stop living in leggings and my bra will always be the first thing to go when I get home from work!


I mean doing the little things, like moisturizing my face after I get out of the shower in the morning. Who knew that such a small step like that in the morning makes a person feel so refreshed! I also got a comfortable pair of flats. I usually just deal with whatever flats I have, because that’s all I could find at the time. But they were so uncomfortable! I finally found a comfortable pair that I ‘don’t just have to deal with.’ The littlest things make such a huge impact on our health!


And, fifth… 

My level of support is tremendously helpful!


The other day my husband was twisting off the stem of his apple, in Grade School fashion. With every twist came a letter. The letter you land on is the first letter of the persons name you love or are going to marry. As he was twisting he said, A, B, C… and so on. He came to J (for Jamie, me) and it came off! So I said, “That was lucky!” He replied, “It actually came off a lot sooner,” and smiled. He wanted the stem to come off at J. Of course, that swooned me into an ‘Awwwww!’ That was so sweet!


My husband loves me. He loved the thin me when we first started dating. He’s loved the heavy me throughout most of our relationship and marriage. And now, with his unconditional love and support, I want to give him the thin me again.


And, then, there’s my very good friend Katie. We started as co-workers, and now we are great friends. She and I started this weight loss journey together, on the exact same day. We encourage each other, share daily updates/recipes, and keep each other accountable on the weekends. She is very supportive of my blog and has lost 12 lbs and 11.25 inches. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU KATIE!! In case you are wondering, she is losing her weight with Beach Body.





My very dear friend, Charlyn, is also very supportive of my weight loss and blog! When I look for recipes to try, I have her in mind. Her diet transformation has been such an inspiration to me! She even made one of the recipes I shared from another blog on my Facebook page and brought me a sample! She is so thoughtful and supportive.


And, I have a fine looking cheer-leading squad – my parents, my Grandma, my co-workers, and church family!


God has answered my prayers with such a huge circle of support!



Alright, are you ready to find out how much I lost in January, well through today? 



Drum roll, please…



I have lost 14 pounds in 33 days! That’s an average of 2.4 lbs per week! And, what’s even more exciting is that I set a goal of losing 12 lbs. 



I had big plans to take an after picture at the gym, just like my before picture, but I am on crutches and can barely move. The best I could do for today’s after pictures is having Katie take a picture of me in one of our work conference rooms! You’ll notice that my left leg is larger than my right. It’s wrapped and very swollen. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from taking these pictures though! (I wish I didn’t have my hand over my face in my before picture, but I am not about to go back to that weight and retake it!)





These pictures are so motivating to me! I don’t feel like I look any different, but these pictures prove otherwise! I lost more than what a gallon of paint weighs!


Here’s how I did it:



For the first half of the month, I woke up early and spent 10-15 minutes on the treadmill Monday – Friday. On my lunch, I spent 20-30 minutes on the elliptical Monday – Thursday.


For the second half of the month, I still woke up early because I wanted my body to expect it. Eventually, after my knee is healed, I’ll be getting back on the treadmill in the morning. On my lunch, I spent 30 minutes lifting weights. Not too heavily though, just this past week I’ve really gotten into it as I learn more about what I should be doing and not doing!



I followed the Weight Watchers program, except I use iTrackBites. At the time I purchased the app, it was just a one-time fee. I believe they are offering it at a discount rate now! The Weight Watchers program is a good program, but it’s expensive. So, this allows me to track my food in a familiar way AND save money!


I also prepped my food. I can’t tell you how much time and energy it saved! I don’t feel rushed and frazzled in the morning, I feel like I am on top of things. That is a great feeling to start your day with! All because I planned ahead, put some effort into it, and prepared my breakfast and lunch ahead of time.


Listen, you can’t make all of the changes you want to make at once. You can still have ice cream, not just the entire container!


Are you struggling with losing weight? Here are my tips for how to lose weight the healthy way:


Take a before picture.


Set a goal.


Plan ahead.


Record what you are eating.


Drink water. A LOT OF WATER. Go online and find a water intake calculator and see how much you should be drinking. It’s not the standard 8 ounces a day anymore. For my weight, I should be drinking 100 ounces of water a day! A DAY!


Get up early, even if it’s not to exercise. Don’t start your day off feeling rushed!


Go to bed earlier. Get enough sleep so you don’t feel like a zombie the day next.


Start somewhere. Anywhere. Even if it’s getting out of your desk chair more often throughout the day.


Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Seriously. Nobody has it entirely together, because no one is perfect. She may be rocking a great hair day, but she’s probably still wearing yesterday’s underwear. So there.


Don’t restrict yourself. You won’t see your desired results if you have a big ‘ole piece of chocolate cake after dinner every night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one at the party coming up!


And, most importantly, ask God for help. He is waiting to help you, all you need to do is ask.


I hope my weight loss has sparked something inside of you to make the changes you’ve wanted to make for a long time. Stay tuned because my next weigh-in will be March 2nd. I have to stay off my knee for several weeks so this is the opportunity to prove to myself and my readers that losing weight is possible without cardio exercise!