Introducing ‘Keep on Rolling with Jamie!’

Welcome to Keep on Rolling with Jamie!



I hope you’ll find motivation from my weight loss success through vegetarian and vegan recipes, hope through the testimony of my saved marriage, and inspiration to walk closer with God.



I am pictured above with my husband, Justin, and my son, Riley. I am super excited to start this blogging journey! Keep reading to join me.


All of us have a story to tell. Not an excuse for our choices, but a history that has made us into who we are today. Each of us carry burdens or regrets that generally stay in the weeds of our soul. This is my story and how I got where I am today – hopefully it encourages you to do some of your own weeding.


Where do I start?! With the best part.


My blessings are rich beyond belief. Every day I praise God for my husband, who voluntarily does far more than the stereotypical duties of a husband.


I praise God for our son, a good kid, who is happy, kind, thoughtful of others, forgiving, responsible, industrious, helpful, and without a doubt trusts that his prayers will be answered when he’s lost his favorite Lego guy. I praise God for the army that has helped raise him. He is developing a character that makes us tearfully proud because my parents and my grandmother have dedicated every day to making sure he has the best tender loving care while we are at work.


I would consider myself to be one of the richest if my list of things to be thankful for just stopped there, but it doesn’t. I am thankful for so much more! I am thankful for my mistakes, too. I’ve made what feels like a lot of them- but I’ve chosen to help you through your troubles by pointing you to Christ with my testimony instead of beating myself up for making them AND repeating them.



This is a very personal journal of my journey to what I consider the best health possible.


I am not perfect. Let me repeat myself – I am NOT perfect. I really had to reiterate that for myself. I am a perfectionist and I really wish I wasn’t. I previously started a private journal/blog that only I read. I limited the access out of fear. I was afraid of what people would think when they read it. What would they think?


Why do I care what they think?


Because I am not looking for conflict. What I say here is my personal journey. It can’t be changed and you don’t have to take the same steps I did to make changes in your own life. If you are going to leave a comment, be kind.


I’ve always wanted to share my testimony, but I fear critics. I welcome drama like I do a root canal. And I fear it may not be as inspiring as I hoped it would be. But I am praying about it, setting the fear aside, and going for it.


So here we are.


I can’t take credit for the name, ‘Keep on Rolling with Jamie.’ I wanted to rename my previous blog; I wanted something I loved. I have been so indecisive about this whole idea that my creativity was foggy. I always pray for God’s will in my life. But, when it came to making the leap into blogging I wasn’t praying for His guidance about that specifically. But God has always been several steps ahead of me, so when I left work for the day I saw the cover of our local City Pages with a title of, ‘Keep on Rolling.’ It was perfect.


‘Keep on Rolling’ has two meanings when it comes to the ramblings I’ll be posting:


1) I will encourage you to form a trusting relationship with God so you can just ‘keep on rolling’ with whatever life hands you, and



2) I will share recipes for a fulfilled life AND your kitchen (rolling pin, get it?!). All of my recipes are vegetarian and vegan – I’ll also be sharing my favorite not so healthy sweet treats!


But just like the recipes you drool over on Pinterest, you can try it or have intentions of trying it. Either way, my version of ‘Keep on Rolling’ is meant to inspire confidence within you for better overall health.